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This is personal, Baby! (big smile)

You should know…


Caring is my number one strategy. 


My coaching friends affectionately call me a “Powerhouse Coach.”  I am really good at getting to the root of what is holding you back so that you can stop waiting and start creating the life you want. 


You can count on me to be straight with you at all times. My clients are busy high achiever. I am here to get you results with velocity. 


When you work with me you will feel supported.  My clients often say that it feels like I am holding their hand.  As you move forward, creating your vision, getting results, and stepping into your fullest best possible you... you will not be alone.  You can count on me to be there every step of this adventure.  I vow to stand powerfully by your side and believe in you and your dreams.  


Life should be fun... a glorious adventure... well, as much as possible. (big smile)   Joy is often undervalued in our fast paced, get it all

done now world, but there is so much value in joy.  It feels extraordinary to feel truly alive... or as I like to say... fully self expressed... enjoying life to it's fullest and I want that for you.  Although I take getting results and meeting goals very serious, I also infuse it with lots of laughter.  When we coach together it is both transformational and fun! 





You don’t need to know this stuff,

but what the heck…


•  I love to laugh… and I think that the ability to laugh easily is one

of my best qualities. 


•  Someone once told me that I am a Leo with a Cancer rising…

but I really have no idea what that means.


•  "Strength Finders" reports that my top 5 strengths are:  

Positivity, Woo, Connectedness, Communication and Adaptability...

my friends and clients would agree.  (big smile)


•  I really don’t like to go shopping, but I do like to buy stuff.


•  I love hanging out with my friends and family, and if I have a glass of wine

(or occasionally a scotch) in my hand, all the better!!


•  Whether it is a day trip or a long vacation, I love to travel or as we call it in my family,

 “go on an adventure” with my kids and husband.  They are fun, creative and wonderful

partners in crime. 


•  My heart still goes pitter-patter when I glance over and see my husband smiling at me.  

(And it doesn’t hurt that he does dishes and laundry… woo hoo!!)

This is why I teach...   


It is my passion, my goal, my intention to add more value to your life than you ever dreamed possible. 


Let’s face it, everyone has those mornings when it is hard to get out of bed, it is just part of being human. But on those not so great mornings, do you have the tools to turn around your morning? Or do you go through your morning and your entire days just hoping to survive it and make it to the weekend?  


Look around, that is the way most people move through their days… just surviving it.  You can see it in their eyes, and in the way they 

hold their body... just getting by, hoping and praying that tomorrow will be better.  I get it.  For years I survived my life.



        The wound is the place where

       the Light enters you. 


                 I thought the answer was to work harder. Working hard had always been my

           solution and so I went to work.  I worked longer hours, dreamed up bigger                        projects, and made loftier goals, but the truth was, no matter how hard I worked,

       I couldn’t do enough, achieve enough or have enough stuff to overcome my deep               dreaded sense that I simply wasn’t enough. 

But then, (and this is where the happy music begins to play) I discovered powerful

transformational tools that completely changed not only me but almost every aspect of my life and career.  I learned how to feel joyful, inspired and powerful.   Now, I am not just talking about that high energy, inspired, luscious kind-of power, but also that deep, content, satisfying feeling that comes from knowing that even on your worst days life is good.  Let me tell you, I was hooked on personal transformation!


When sleeping women wake, mountains move.


~Chinese Proverb

So hooked in fact, that I have been studying and teaching personal transformation

  for over 20 years.  Now don't get me wrong, I still work hard.  Yes, you want me                    on your project! (big smile)  The difference is I no longer work from a place of                proving my worth and trying to get others approval, instead I work out of a

       sense of fulfillment and passion... that difference is a game changer.    


        I am here to tell you that you can make the money, make the sale, travel,  have              the relationship and get the promotion… whatever it is you want.  And,

       best of all… you will feel happy, confident and powerful in the process…                          really... it is possible… and I would love to teach you how!!  


I am here to help…


Want more information?  Need to check availability?



Or feel free to call Diane at 469-261-1222...

sometimes it just nice to have a conversation!


Let's get this party started...


I know you want too!! (big smile)  



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