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"I met Diane at a seminar and knew immediately that I had to start working with her.  The stress at my job had caused me to feel uncertain in my position.  I had also been having some difficulties with my boss.   After four months of working with Diane I am a new woman.  My confidence level has soared.  I make decisions much quicker and feel confident when making decisions.  My relationship with my boss has improved significantly.  It feels like a new life."  ~R.C.  Dallas, Texas


Want to learn about confidence, Diane, is the go-to person. Her presentation style is insightful, enthusiastic, and full of relevant information.”


~ Mary Larsen

 Mary Larsen Designs




"Diane has a powerful message for her audience that is told with humor and stories.  The teaching points are crystal clear.   She understands her audience and knows what they are seeking.   


She verbalizes what most people are thinking!   What I enjoyed most about Diane's speaking style is that she is entertaining and provides ideas that you can implement immediately."  


~ Lauren Midgley, CEO

Courage to Succeed Consulting


Simply said, you were wonderful to listen to and learn from!”


 ~ Joyce Mallon

Bank of America



"Diane Consolino recently spoke to our group of professional women members and was a tremendous hit! Her message was simple yet poignant and delivered in a manner that made you feel as if she was speaking directly to you. Much like chatting with a good friend. Her clear points for maximizing success in your business were excellent and no doubt in practice with many attendees. Thanks so much! We were honored with your visit."  
~ Lynn Mutti
Keller Williams
Mansfield Area Chamber
President Elec, Women's Division




 I don't teach what everyone else does...


          I specialize in teaching people 

                  HOW TO get results!  



Everyone knows what they want.  They want to feel powerful, confident, joyful... you know, all the good stuff.  They just don't know HOW TO  get where they want to go or HOW TO change the way that they think and feel.


Most speakers and coaches teach people what they should do...  They say things like, "If you want a fulfilling life you should be happy and grateful."  Or they will say,  “Be more confident and you will be successful."


Okay, we all get it.  We already know that happiness and gratitude means a life more fulfilled. Confidence will bring success.  


The question is HOW do you get to confidence and happiness when you don't know how to

be confident and happy?   How do you access gratitude when you feel depleted and stressed out?  If you knew how you would already being doing it!


I specialize in teaching the step-by-step process to learning a new mindset.  This is not about theory, this is all about action and results.  Whether I am presenting a program or coach,

I teach you how to make lasting changes so that you will feel empowered,  joyful and confident for years to come!!!  



"I have built a successful company from the ground up.  When I started working with Diane, our revenue was over $500K.  With that said, I have always had a hard time asking for what I want.  This challenge, resulted in me working long hours with high levels of stress.  Working with Diane is incredible.  She has taught me how to powerfully ask for what I want.  The results have been wonderful!  I am more effective, so I work less hours.  

My profits have increased.  And the stress in my life has been reduced dramatically."  ~D.O.  Florida



        RESULTS…..We all want results! 


                I work with smart, success oriented, high achievers 

        and they demand results.... and so do I.... we all want results!!!


My clients expect results and quite frankly, so do I.  The people who work with me are smart, success oriented, high achievers... results are important in their lives and careers.


I do not believe in the philosophy that eventually you will get it and that I should "guide" you until you find your way.  Nope, that does not work for people who want results fast.  

I teach process driven tools that are effective and get results quickly.  


Everything is a skill set.  Yes, everything.  Wherever you want to excel in your life,

whatever you want to create.... more confidence, increase sales, get the raise, asking

for what you want, be in a fulfilling relationship... there is a series of skill sets you must learn.  And I teach people those skills.  It's that simple.  



     Create a Career and Life you LOVE! 

       It is much closer that you think... 


I had just finished a program with a group of professional women on the topic "How to Ask

for What You Want and Get It,"  when the seasoned Travel Agent looked at me and asked in her straight forward style, “How come you are so different than the other coaches I’ve met?” 


Next, the Small Business Owner offers, “The way you say things makes so much sense. I feel like what you have taught us today is more than just a good idea.  There are actions that I

can take that will make a difference in me being more confident.”  


The Out-of-Work Professional then stated, “Diane, we need to meet as soon as possible.”


The Real Estate Specialist looked at me, tilts her head slightly, and says “We meet coaches everyday, and none of them sound like you.  I have an office of 80 women who need to hear what you have to say.” 


  My Commitment

It's simple... When we work together I am going to give you everything I got. Period. 


"I wanted to talk to my boss about a promotion but had been putting the conversation off because I was afraid of his response. The day I heard Diane speak I put into action some of her suggestions. The next day I went into his office to have the conversation. I was so much calmer, and actually felt confident.  And yes, I got the raise... It was amazing!  ~B.T.  Texas




                REAL. LASTING. RESULT.  

                         Tools that will last a lifetime!


It is my promise to not only teach you HOW TO, but also give you the tools so that

you can change your thinking, your mindset and your patterns anytime, any place,

any where. 


Whether we are working together in private coaching or you hear me at speaking engagement, you are going to walk away with highly effective tools that will last a lifetime.  

Title. Double click me.

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